Asus announced the new monitor which with a size of 31″ and a resolution of 4K marks the first UHD Monitor to be announced with a display size this small. With support for 10-bit RGB and a 100% sRGB colour accuracy it’s certainly a high end monitor, but with a price tag of $3,500 it should be!

But don’t let the daunting price dissuade you from the prize, with a rather surprising 8ms response time, 35mm depth, and 93w operating power consumption it certainly is a very well rounded product and a welcome addition to the selection of monitors available today.

This has all been made possible with IGZO technology which allows for smaller pixels to be created, far from being a mastered technique it’s good to see this technology being used on screens larger than 20” this is hopefully the gateway to consumer priced monitors in a year or two, we’ll have to see what CES 2014 will show us.

Asus also mentioned they are working on a 39” version, which could be the answer to those of us who prefer to game on larger displays in the living room, we’ll have to see the specs to be sure.

credit: The Verge



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