Last time we took a look at Alliance and what makes them such an amazing team. Long before Alliance were ever forged there was a team that everyone in the world feared to challenge! They were the EUs very own Fnatic.

In previous years Fnatic has won 2nd place in the world championships and many teams given a lot of respect to Fnatic’s double teleport style including current world champions SK Telecom T1 K.

The double teleport strategy was their signature style in the season 3 world championships and was insanely powerful. Normally in the meta only the top lane would take teleport, however, Fnatic would give a second teleport to their mid lane. This combined with Kassadin meant that Fnatic had a very powerful advantage at any time and place on the map.

Kassadin is a champion that was more popular in the EU LCS and not so much in the NA or Korean regions. This meant that he wasn’t banned so much during Fnatic’s games. Since then the style has been picked up by other teams and adapted now that Kassadin barely sees LCS play. SKT1 K used a similar strategy with Twisted Fate in the mid lane because his ultimate is a teleport.

One of the main reasons for Fnatic’s consistent and all round strong gameplay is because of how well the team work together. Currently out of the 10 original Fnatic team members 4 of them are active today and make up Fnatic’s roster of regular players. When a team works just as well outside the game as they do inside they become a force to be reckoned with!

The current roster of players are as follows:

Top Lane – sOAZ
Mid Lane – xPeke
AD – Rekkles
Support – YellOwStaR
Jungle – Cyanide
Sub – LaMiaZeaLoT
Sub – puszu

Of the seven players sOAZ, xPeke, YellOwStaR and Cyanide have been there from the very beginning. During the 2013 All-Star championship, sOAZ became the only European to win the Skill Championship; a mini-tournament to decide the best player in the world at their respective roles. Cyanide is well recognised as being one of the best players at stealing the Dragon and Baron objectives which have allowed Fnatic to turn the tide of battle time and time again. YellOwStaR has qualified for all world championships under every team he has played for. Rekkles is a child prodigy born in 1996 he is well reknown as one of the greatest AD’s in the current LCS. Having an impressive record he is tied with the current record of most kills but stands alone as the fewest deaths in the entire season, an impressive 27 deaths over 28 games!

xPeke has gained such a reputation that he is actually his own meme! During IEM Katowice in 2013 xPeke utilized the double teleport strategy to ‘backdoor’ (the act of taking down the nexus while the enemy team is out of the base) against SK Gaming. Ever since then casual players would proclaim “XPEKE” in chat when someone pulls off this strategy. xPeke was not the first to try or succeed at this but the incident was made famous because of the great skill and mechanics shown by xPeke to bring down the nexus. See for yourself:

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