Asus MG279Q Now to be a FreeSync Monitor

A monitor which I’ve had my eye on for a long time has now had an update. Today over at AMD’s Twitter, they announced that the MG279Q will now support FreeSync through the DisplayPort 1.2a interface.

When the monitor was announced, Asus did not class it as G-Sync or FreeSync; only that it has Adaptive Refresh Rate technology. Now, it has joined the family of FreeSync monitors. Luckily for those who were considering buying the monitor, the speculated price tag has not increased, as in January it was expected to be around £400 ($599) and that price remains now, even after the added FreeSync capabilities.

Another update with the monitor “leaked” by AMD is that it now supports 144Hz, whereas at CES earlier this year it was claimed to be “120Hz+”. A pleasant addition to say the least.

This monitor truly bridges the gap between TN and IPS with its Quad HD (WQHD) 2560×1440 panel. Not to mention its 178° viewing angles, this is really looking to be an amazing monitor.

Time will only tell us when the MG279Q will be released, as multiple sources are saying either late Q1 or late Q2 of 2015.

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