3D Printing With Play3r

Ahh, the wonderful world of 3D printing with all of its advancements and opportunities it has to offer. 3D printing is becoming more and more mainstream these days and as such, the printers themselves are getting cheaper and cheaper. Play3r were lucky enough to get our hands on a 3D printer awhile back and while we haven’t made any headlines with it, we plan on using it more int eh near future. I have spent the past couple of months getting used to the machine and pretty much figuring out how to build, use and fix it with very little support and this is why it hasn’t been featured in any articles, just some videos!

Well, I am getting to the point where I believe I know what I am doing, well more than I did anyways and I am looking into upgrading some of the parts which will hopefully make the printer itself more reliable. This will mean I will get to use it more and we will be able to create unique one-off items for our lucky fans from time to time. Recognize someone from the Play3r crew at an industry event? Well, maybe you should say hello and see how we are doing. You never know, there could be a special 3D printed Play3r logo waiting for you. The possibilities are endless and so are the ideas!

Beginning of May is when I aim to purchase the upgraded parts that should make using our specific model 3D printer a bit easier but until then, I wanted to get some ideas on what you guys will want to see printed from us. Obviously, logos and such are a given, but is there anything else you can think off? The more unique the better and if I like your idea, you never know, you may be the first to receive it if we can print it!
Head on over to our community page CLICK HERE and comment below the post linking this article with your ideas and thoughts and let’s see what we can come up with.

Direct link to post CLICK HERE.

Big thanks to the folks over at HAVIT for being so kind as to supply us with the 3D printer and the filament so we can make use of it. Check out the HAVIT and HAVIT UK Facebook pages.

Purchase the A602 DIY 3D Printer from HAVIT on Ebay: http://ebay.to/1ug93yV
Buy Havit products on Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/HavitUKAMZN

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