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With many platforms for audio streaming like Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube, on the market, many don’t see any more competition for the huge sound dragons that dominate the audio application software market.

This being said, Beats Music has now been announced after a large amount of speculation that the service will only be operational in 2016 but this information was never officially announced by the company themselves. Although a loop-hole has appeared to this good pre-existing idea, that it won’t just throw these tens of millions of tracks your way and tell you to get on with it, similarly to the way that Spotify, YouTube or iTunes might. Instead, Beats Music is more like traditional radio, in that it will be based around other people suggesting music to you and not just anyone, professionals of which makes it more original.

Another object that may turn many off or even be praised upon is the $10 monthly rate which many are already frowning upon. However it is also being praised as for once, as Beats Music has also pledged to pay all artists equal rates, so if your music gets listened to, you’ll get paid the same as anyone else, regardless of your status; this is nice little reward to the fantastic artists who are undercut by software and pirated copies of their tracks.

Beats Music launches in the US on 21st January. No word on its international release as of yet.

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