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There is no kind of gaming in the world that cannot be enhanced to be better simply by upgrading the way your visuals are displayed. If in the case of a computer game on your PC that means upgrading your graphics card. In the case of online games, it means upgrading your display. After all, when you are playing pokies online for real money, you want to have the best experience, but you don’t get to control the graphics through your graphics card. What you do get to control is how good your display is, and how much it is able to capture all the magic of colors and all the action happening on screen. So, in order to help you enjoy your time in the most authentic way possible, we have created a list of the best displays for the ultimate iGaming experience. We are going to look at several kinds of gameplay, all different in the kind of feeling they leave the player with. One of them is going to attempt to understand how we go about simulating the casino experience, but there will be others that will explore the most efficient ways to play, the most beautiful ways to enjoy the games and more.

What are you looking for in your game?

Not everybody wants the same things in their games. While we all want to feel the thrill of playing, the thrill of victory and maybe make some money while we’re at it, not everyone is looking for the same level of thrill and not everyone gets their enjoyment from the same kind of thrill. Many people have very specific requirements to maximizing their fun while they are enjoying their games. So for example, the people playing pokies in Australia enjoy having the emulating their casino experience as much as possible, which is why until recently slot machines were so popular in the area until very recently. So, before you start taking our advice on how to start playing the games in a way that would maximize your enjoyment and what kind of displays to buy, you might want to start thinking about what kind of game you want to be playing to maximize your own enjoyment of the game.

Also, it is important to remember, that no matter how good a screen is, how many blue light blockers you use, there will still be a lot of strain on your eyes after long periods of playtime. So, in order to make yourself not get too tired from playing the game, you need to limit the amount of time you spend in front of the screen. Might help you enjoy the games more in the future.

The casino experience

If you are like one of those Australian gamers, you might be looking the emulate the real casino experience. In order to do so, you might want to bring your playing device – the computer connected to the internet, as close to a slots machine in its shape and design as possible. And the best way of going about this is to introduce an alternative type of screen to your game: a vertical screen. While this goes against all of the traditional expectations for a computer you might have, a vertical screen will allow you to emulate the slots machine a little more. Although to make the feeling even more like a real machine, you might want to make the screen slightly curved. This limits the number of models that you are going to be looking at, but fret not, because the curved screens are mostly high quality. They have to be – it is not cheap to make a curved screen and you might as well make the display incredibly high quality if you are going to get the clients to pay extra for the curvature.

Some of the best curved screens currently offered are manufactured by Samsung. The CF791 is one of the most recently released and comes in all of 34” glory. There are other potential models, but the one mentioned before has the perfect balance of price and quality, providing a high-quality image, while also allowing users to play around with portrait mode settings. This screen is bound to bring users as close to the casino experience as it gets.

The many games at the same time

One of the most popular setups today, not only for gamers but all kinds of people in general, is the multiple screen setup. This type of setup allows users to also play several games at the same time, with several slots being pulled at the same time. This is not for everyone of course and is usually much more relevant to those insatiable people who want to spend hours upon hours playing non-stop, maximizing their chances at winning at one game or another. These people don’t usually get enough thrill from one game, and so, to give them the best opportunity, we should be providing them with a very balanced screen. The price to quality ratio is much higher here than in many other situations since multiple screens of high quality might get a little expensive, but low-quality screens will not provide the most efficient and enjoyable experience wanted by most users looking for multiple screens.

Some of those who we have discussed the topic with have mentioned that they prefer working with the HP VH240a, which allows for a nice balance of money to quality. The display quality of the screen is rather decent, and the low price allows for the purchase of more than just the two screens. Alternatively, for those looking for a different kind of screen to work with, there is the

VIewSonic VA2719, which is a nice model that enables a good price to work balance. More of a workhorse than the other option, this one should be satisfyingly high quality, while also being a little lower in price. Combining the two is not recommended since the color contrasting and the settings tinkering will require a lot of time and effort, so it is better to simply buy two of the same model and just work with that.

A beautiful home experience

Not everyone is going for multiple screens or for the emulation of the casino experience. And those who aren’t doing that are way more likely to be willing to drop a lot of cash on a very nice monitor for their home set up. After all, with how beautiful the games can be nowadays, it is not surprising for users to want to experience the full range of colors and effects that the game is able to offer. The imagery is rather enjoyable, when you play the game right, and to enjoy it right, you need the right kind of monitor. Although, picking the right kind of monitor is not an easy job, especially when you’re looking for something that combines the best color and the best visual dynamic range. And this is why we have a special love for one of the best monitors released over 2018 and 2019 – the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K.

This extra expensive monitor is capable of some amazing feats, in terms of display. It has an incredible range of colors it can display thanks to the way the screen was designed, while also having a very pleasant and ergonomic design overall. It is ultra heavy, ultra expensive, but also has incredible contrast at 1300:1 and 100% RGB support. The best monitor, ever, used by high-end designers to work on their products, it will also work for users looking to enhance their gaming experience to the ultimate level.

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