Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be the latest title in the Call of Duty franchise states Activision as leaked information pulls forward the official release trailer.

The official release trailer was brought forward 2 days as leaked images and footage surfaced. The game itself will be set in a future where private military corporations (PMCs) have become ultra powerful and a “biddable army”. The game’s first trailer notably features actor Kevin Spacey in a key role as the head of one of these PMCs, but it also showcased plenty of footage from the game. Looking more in-depth at the game, there is a clear emphasis on bleeding-edge military hardware. Soldiers wear exoskeletons which provide extra armor and enhanced physical abilities – including the ability to rocket jump and scale vertical surfaces. Cloaking devices, robotic tanks, portable cover points and drones also make appearances amid the gunfire and explosions, all clear advances in battlefield technology that can be seen throughout the trailer. 

Activision will be working with a few other companies in the production of the game. The current graphical looks of the game will be tremendously better than previous games in the franchise but as we already know, graphics are not everything.

There is a lot of information around now, along with plenty of details upon the release which will be around November 4th as indicated by the trailer. We suspect that closer to the date there will be confirmed releases globally and per platform.

If you have not yet seen the official trailer then check it out here:

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