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  • Brand: MSI
  • Model: AG2712A-015-EU
  • RRP: Approximately £2,100 (At time of the review)

Today on my desk I have yet another first for Play3r and again its come from MSI, an All-in-One system. As some of you may be aware, this is the first time that we have had to test an All-in-One, and its caused quite a stir. This particular All-in one we have today is from the MSI Gaming series, more specifically the AG2712A. Designed to be a compact but powerful PC capable of handling everything that you could throw at it, the MSI AG2712A certainly has the credentials on paper to really handle that claim with a powerful i7 processor and AMD’s latest 8970m GPU and a large, attractive 27 inch touch screen. However, because space is a premium these are laptop components, which we all know are down on overall power compared to their full-size, desktop brethren. This does pose some interesting testing though, as it will be nice to see whether being hooked up to a power supply will boost the performance of these components. As we all know what is on paper does not always translate into real world performance. Time to see of the AG2712A will carry forward the magnificent performance that we have see with MSI’s Gaming Series or if its compact design and possible cooling issues will hamper its performance. Let’s find out, starting with a little bit about MSI…

What MSI have to say about their AG2712A All-in-One Gaming Systems:

Based on the success of MSI’s powerful gaming motherboards and graphics cards, MSI has successfully integrated all parts of a full-worthy and top performing gaming desktop into a 27″ non-glare display, thereby creating the worlds first All-in-One PC for gaming enthusiasts. Covered by a top-notch audio solution and flanked by a highly responsive touch-screen interface, this gaming All-in-One PC will impress both casual and enthusiastic gamers with visual awe and a striking performance. All around the world, gaming is done in various ways by various people. That’s the reason why MSI Gaming All-in-One PC’s are designed to fit the needs of various types of gamers. Whether you are young or old, play casual or hardcore, compute after school or in the night or use your PC for more than just gaming, the MSI Gaming All-in-One PC is your companion.

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