Have you noticed how there is a smart variation for virtually everything we use? There are now smart televisions, watches, and even cars. With the Livescribe smartpen, you write, and it captures your handwritten notes. All you have to do is connect it to your Android or iOS phone or tablet, like the iPhone or iPad. Your scribblings will then appear on your Livescribe+ mobile device application.

You can now do more by organizing them into categories and converting them into text to be shared with friends. With little effort on your part, your scribblings can help you store new contacts as well as set appointments and reminders. You can sync your handwriting with the audio recording and replay it whenever necessary.

This feature is perfect for business purposes. The pro edition offers an elegantly shaped pen. It comes with an extra ink cartridge, a leather portfolio, a 200-page black hardbound journal, and a full-year subscription to Evernote premium.

How Does It Work?

The digital pens have astounding design detail deserving of such equipment. Everything is geared towards creating your new favorite pen product, from the stylus cap with a charging port to the Swiss tungsten-carbide ballpoint cartridge for clean running.

The style and shape aside, the Livescribe 3 is more important because of its technology. You twist the ring to reveal the tip. Everything on your notebook is taken in by an infrared camera and stored in its built-in memory. Connect it to your smartphone, and all the notes you’ve written will be uploaded to your application.

The Livescribe+ App

Using the Livescribe app on multiple platforms, the internal memory makes synchronization easier. Your Livescribe 3 pen can be used with up to four smartphones. The Livescribe+ app is designed as a companion for your pen to make your life easier. Integrating words that are put down on a page with the rest of your online life is easier.

These features have been created specifically for business purposes, but it has turned into one of the best gadgets for college students who use it to make their studying process more efficient.

You can search for your content with incredible speed. Creating contacts and appointments is easy. Conversion from scribbles to word files is now possible, so is sharing them across platforms. Music or lessons can play alongside your scribblings.

Bluetooth Smart — Quicker Pairing, Longer Battery Life

The Livescribe pen uses this technology for pairing. It lasts up to fourteen hours of continuous use, as long as it’s charged. Unlike the previous Livescribe Echo 2 version, it is much easier to pair this one: turn it on and accept the pairing request on your screen. You will be connected automatically every time you launch the application, subsequently.

Smartpen, Smart Paper

The dotted pages are made with unique patterns of microdots that allow it to locate the things you put down or draw. Tags and controls in the book help the smartpen communicate with the application. There is a variety of textures and sizes to choose from. There are also binding types at very competitive prices for the technological aid it provides. You may prefer it lined or blank, spiral-bound, hardbound, or even as a sticky note.


The smartpen is available for purchase on Amazon and other top retail online stores. The Apple Store and Google Playstore offer the Livescribe+ application for download on your devices. This application allows you to view the work you have done.

The Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro is a great addition to your everyday life and business gadgets, as it offers a handful of options to make your writing much easier. If you are the owner of the previous versions, there is a huge difference you would want to try for yourself.

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