Wondering if you can crop an image into a shape? With Vista Create, an online tool to crop image online, getting started with your own creations is quite simple. You can change professional templates and combine and rearrange the shapes to make truly amazing and modern designs.

The tool also provides an easy-to-use shape-cropping feature, which lets you easily crop images into multiple shapes. The exact steps and more are covered below.

Cropping Images

Usually, cropping tools have an option called “mask shape” that you can use to help shape any photos or videos in a specific way. This is useful for giving a design an authentic and captivating appearance that is truly unique. The addition of a video or photo mask is quite quick and simple.

It has many shapes, like a heart, different kinds of stars, circles, polygons, and more. You can change where your picture is placed in the shape. You can also change the color of the background and the shadow.


Although editing is quite easy, you have to follow two simple steps if you want your image or video successfully cropped into the shape you want. The names of buttons are generic and might be called slightly different, depending on a chosen tool.

  • To add masks, navigate to the “Objects” tab, select the masks you want to use, and then add them to the artboard by clicking the “Add” button.
  • After that, select the “Photos” tab and add pictures to frames by dragging and dropping them.

You can change your picture more if you want to. Add text, rotate, crop, resize, and change the brightness, saturation, and other things to the image. You can also use the website’s other cool photo effects and add them to your shape by clicking the “Effect” button.

Reasons to Crop into Shape

There are multiple reasons to crop images into specific shapes to make them more attractive and match your image theme or message, for example. Some of these are:

●    Unwanted Content

The first and most obvious reason to crop an image into a certain shape is to get rid of the image’s background. There might be a messy background, something you don’t want people to see, or people you don’t want in the picture. Maybe the person’s hands are awkward, or they’re standing in an odd way.

If this is the case, cropping in on the body or head and shoulders may be the answer. Many shapes fit the theme of such pictures, and if you want, you can also have your picture cropped into shapes like circles, hearts, and others.

●    Composition

The Rule of Thirds is a helpful rule for putting together a picture. It says to divide your image into a 3×3 grid, line up the most important parts along the grid lines, and crop the picture accordingly. Images cut to follow the rule of thirds are attractive and stylish and give the page more movement. While images that don’t follow this rule are boring and don’t add any style or excitement to the page.

In portraits, the eyes should be lined up with the lines of the grid. Using the Rule of Thirds will make your photo more interesting, and your eye will naturally like the way it looks. If you use tools to edit your photos, you’ll find that the cropping tool can help you by showing you a 3×3 grid.

●    Impact

Using a strange crop, like a thin vertical strip or a long horizontal rectangle, can make an image stand out more. This works best in the middle of a block of text to break it up and make it more interesting to look at.

It’s best to put text around a vertical image and use a long horizontal image to break up sections. Cropping a photo into a square shape makes it seem stable and formal.


A variety of tools make accessible a variety of shapes that can be customized to almost perfectly complement the subject matter of your pictures and messages. You just need to follow some basic procedures that won’t take you more than a minute total, and your image will be cropped into the form you want.

You also have the ability to make additional edits if you want to change the filter or make use of the other editing options. To get the finest results while cropping out pictures or videos into specific shapes, you really ought to select a proper tool.

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