Corning the maker of Gorilla glass, the material used on most high end mobile devices (such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4) has mentioned that they are currently developing glass to combat the glare from the sun.

The image above shows the advances in the technology, the circle in the middle shows where the Corning anti-glare technology has been applied, the difference is truly phenomenal.

Not only does it reduce glare, the new glass also offers a significant reduction on the amount of germs on the screen. Even after 30 minutes the results over traditional cover glass was impressive.

Unfortunately there is no word on when the glass will be available to mobile manufacturers other than the incredibly vague “within the next two years”.

The most exciting thing about this is that it offers a very real solution to using a phone outside as currently the sun is the bane of any mobile device, even the best phones out there are still hard to use in direct sunlight. I definitely hope to see this appearing on the earlier side of the two year estimate.

To find more information about Corning please visit their site here.

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