Inno3D have produced to pretty good custom cooler GPUs in recent years. Inno3D have produced their iChill series of cards for a few different GPUs now, with the GTX 1080 Ti they have decided to produce not just one, but two iChill cards.

The X3 and X4 cards feature a very striking brushed metallic colour scheme however looks is not the main aim of these cards. They may be lacking RBG lighting and bright colour plastics, but they make up for this with cooling ability. The iChill X3 is fitted with a huge dual slot, 3 fan cooler based over a very dense alloy fin system that is collected to multiple heat pipes running the length of the whole block. The iChill X4 uses the same cooler design but with one addition, sitting on the top of the card is a forth fan aimed at the VRM system of the card with sole purpose of keeping the cards electric supply as uniform and efficient as possible.

On the topic of power, the iChill X3 will be fed by a single 8 pin and a single 6 pin PCI-e power connector while the iChill X4 will be fed by a pair of 8 pin PCI-e power connectors. These arrangements will ensure the GPU can get plenty of power and supply more than enough to achieve some good overclocking results.

Let us know your thoughts on the Inno3D iChill series below.

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