Ryzen Delidded

Der8aur, one of the world’s top overclockers has been playing with Ryzen 7 CPUs for a bit now and recently decided to do one thing no one else has; to delid one of AMDs newly released top end CPUs.

To the surprise of many people he discovered the IHS to be soldered directly to the die of the CPU, this is something that Intel has all but stopped doing now, and however, this does produce a much better thermal bond between the core and the IHS.

This method of IHS/die connectivity is very good to see and will provide better temperatures compared to a thermal paste connection. What will be interesting to see though is if this more expensive method of thermal connection will be used on the Ryzen 5 and 3 CPU’s.

Obviously, this will make delidding of Ryzen 7 CPUs almost impossible for consumers and you will most certainly end up killing your CPU.

Let us know your thoughts on soldered IHS CPUs below

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