MSI have always been known for producing some great custom PCB GPUs, and their newest launch is certainly in keeping with this trend.

MSI have produced some great Twin Frozr cards in the past and this new GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X is most definitely set to be another great MSI GPU. The new Twin Frozr VI cooler that will be fitted to the Gaming X GPU will offer up to 22% more air pressure thanks to their new design and with new RGB lighting it will most certainly stand out in any PC build. The RBG features of the card will be programmable from within MSI’s Afterburner utility which will also allow you to overclock the card well above factory clock speeds. To further aid heat dissipation the Gaming X GPU will also be fitted with MSI’s now well known all metal back plate.

MSI 1080 ti Gaming X

Power will be delivered to the GPU with the use of a pair of 8 pin PCI-e connectors, power will be kept in checked with the use of the highest quality components available to ensure all parts of the GPU will get good clean electric. This will obviously yet again improve overclocking potential compared to reference design cards.

Let us know your thoughts on the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X below.

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