Intel Coffee Lake

Computex 2017 is one of the major tech events of the year, rumours are that on May 30th at the event Intel will be officially announcing their new X299 platform.

This latest rumour is courtesy of ┬áBenchlife, who have also said the release will be made by Intel’s senior vice president Navin Shenoy. It is also said that Intel will be increasing the initially leaked product line to now include a 12c/24t Skylake-X CPU.

Intel’s X299 will be competing with AMDs also soon to be released X399 platform. How the two platforms will compare should be very interesting seeing as the AMD CPUs will have a maximum core count of 16, how the Intel 12 core CPU will compare to this is still to be seen however the results will surely be interesting.

Pricing on the entire X299 platform is still to be released but it is hopeful that AMDs recent competitive Ryzen CPU performance will give Intel a run for their money.

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