Dell has now announced a new panel in their UltraSharp series, at 32” it’s a large monitor which will not be what many people want or need.

Aimed at professionals working within the media world Dell have announced several improvements, several of which come from the new IGZO technology which is also present on the Asus monitor was recently announced. As it stands it looks to be a direct competitor to those panels, in history Dell has had the edge over Asus panels in general, although both of those companies are dwarfed by the likes of Eizo and NEC.

With a myriad of ports included it should suit the needs of most people except those still relying on VGA which has now been phased out due to its inability to output at resolutions larger than 1600×1200 without noticeable quality loss.

It’s especially good to see even more competitors appearing on the market but I would still like to see some smaller panels being introduced which may rival todays monitors.

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