NVIDIA has just launched their latest Quadro GPUs which are geared towards the professionals in the graphics industry. They are dubbed as the K6000 series which makes it the successor of the K5000 series.  They are Kepler based and NVIDIA claims that they are “the fastest and most capable GPU ever built” and that they have double the performance of its predecessors. It also sports the worlds largest and fastest amount of GDDR5 VRAM with a whopping 12GB of RAM onboard which should allow for companies to load entire models in a single instance. There are a total of 2880 streaming processor cores onboard and it can drive four monitors simultaneously at 4K resolutions. The GPU also has full support for ultra-low latency video I/O (input/output) and large scale visualisation support too.

This monster of a card is expected to hit the shelves in autumn and it should be available from the big workstation vendors such as HP, Dell and others too. There’s no official word on its pricing but according to previous prices of the K5000 series, it won’t be cheap. You’re probably looking at roughly £1500 for this card, and that may be inaccurate as well as it is just a guess.

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