On July 23, 2019, the GTA Online casino finally opened its doors. How has it taken so long for the doors to be eventually opened? A few theories are floating around, including Rockstar possibly wanting to avoid outrage over players losing real money on virtual games by introducing a second currency to GTA Online that can’t be purchased with real money – Chips are used as currency within the casino and can be obtained in limited quantities from the Cashier. The addition of poker gaming to Red Dead Online was most likely utilised to test the waters for GTA Online, but perhaps this gave the data they needed to make the casino operate.

After years of wistfully glancing at the ever-present “Opening Soon” banners outside the doors and wondering whether they would ever allow people inside, the introduction of the New Online casino was a watershed moment in the game. Their fears were allayed when the Diamond Casino & Resort staged its grand opening celebration, and the downtown Vinewood area of Grand Theft Auto Online was permanently changed by this gem on the horizon.

If gambling isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities linked to the GTA Online casino, including a series of story missions centred on protecting the casino from a destructive gang of investors, a GTA Online casino Penthouse suite that you can decorate however you want, and a large casino heist to plan and carry out with your chosen crew.

What does the GTA Online Casino have to offer?

You can play Roulette, Blackjack, and Three Card Poker against the house in the GTA Online casino while utilising the new Chips money. There are also Slot Machines based around other GTA entertainment properties like Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage, and the Inside Track, where you can wager on virtual horse racing. Plus, there’s the Lucky Wheel, where you may spin for rewards like chips, cash, apparel, or even a high-end supercar if you’re fortunate.

VIP Membership and benefits.

By purchasing a VIP membership to the GTA Online casino, you’ll gain access to a variety of benefits, like valet parking, an aircraft concierge on the rooftop helipad, a complimentary limo service, entrance to the VIP lounge, and high limit tables to really boost the stakes if you’ve got Chips to burn. You’ll need to buy a Master Penthouse apartment at The Diamond to become a VIP member, so make sure you have enough GTA$ in the bank.

These penthouses are located above the GTA Online casino, are the pinnacle of luxury and can be fully customised to suit your partying demands. You’ll be able to upgrade to a private Spa with a personal stylist, a Media Room to watch movies in luxury, a Bar area with a set of classic arcade machines to play on, in addition to an opulent master bedroom with access to the Roof Terrace, complete with stunning views and an infinity pool.

But, perhaps more crucially, owning a Master Penthouse puts you in the casino business, allowing you to take on a whole new set of missions to assist the owner and employees in safeguarding your investment. The first time you complete each of these objectives, you’ll receive a special gift, and ending the whole tale as host will grant you access to a much-desired automobile for free. Additional employment will be offered through the casino’s Head of Operations, and this will earn you both Chips and cash.

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