Disgaea Makes its Debut on Steam 1

Disgaea first came out on the Playstation 2 back in 2003, it was a turn based Role playing game along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics. It was all about the battles, the characters and story.

Now it is coming to the PC in February 2016 under the name Disgaea PC which will come with updated graphics, Steam features such as achievements plus content from the Playstation portable version of the game Disgaea: Afternoon of darkness.


I still have the Playstation 2 version of the game and put many hours into it, there was  a massive amount of depth, for example with the item world it enables you to enter an item you have and play through 100 levels to increase the power of it.

My own Thoughts : I am glad to see Disgaea PC coming to Steam but I was worried as there have been 5 sequels since then (not counting any Spin offs),  the game play has evolved but each game had great characters and story so each of the games is a experience in its own right. It is really going to depend on price as even if there are improvements it still is a 12 year old game.

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