Sylvio Remastered - Spooky Scary Skeletons!

Sylvio is a horror game that is in every way a great horror game, from the soundtrack to the style (which is reminiscent of Silent Hill). It has an atmosphere that could scare the egg out of a chicken and like any horror game it depends on these things. In this game you play as a girl who hunts ghosts and you have to listen for Electronic Voice Phenomena which you go over with your tape recorder and notepad, sometimes you even see some scary ghost balls (not that kind GavBon!).

Horror is a genre in gaming which I’m rather passionate about and since Amnesia: The Dark Descent the genre has had a real resurgence. If anything it has become a stronger genre than ever before with games like Amnesia, Alien: Isolation, Outlast, etc, basically the genre is AAA material now, and we got to look after the indie horrors too because damn…. They can be scary as hell sometimes…

This game only came out a mere year ago, but the graphics aren’t exactly up to scratch when it comes to other games in the genre. It recently got an update however which has turned the game possibly into the quickest remastering in gaming history which makes the game far more pretty to look at. It also adds better controller support too! “The graphics are now better, the GUI has been remade, the gameplay mechanic has been improved, and it now has full controller support for nearly all controllers on the market,” creator Niklass Wanberg announces on Steam. It’s already out on Steam and it’s on sale too for a mere£4.99, so why not pick it up and give it a blast to see what it’s about!

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