Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Won't be a Standalone?!

Like any gamer out there, I’m unsurprised by Activision releasing yet another game in the Call of Duty franchise, it’s like eating breakfast every morning, you know there is another one coming. This year though we were surprised with a dual release, with Infinite Warfare comes the remaster I’ve personally awaited since the consoles came to be, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered!

Believe me, when this was announced I was one of the most hyped people out there, me and my friend just thought “Jesus, we’re never leaving the house again”… Skip forward to what I just found out today, they won’t be releasing the remastered game that kickstarted Call of Duty as a beast of a franchise by itself, you will literally have to buy Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition to get the remaster. That version will knock you back at least £69 depending where you pre-order it from, now don’t get me wrong, I am a total sheep, I regularly buy the yearly releases in the franchise. It’s just that it’s costing so much to play a game I easily poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into, and I still to this day go back!

I will try my best to get this edition to play the game just for nostalgia’s sake, and I’ll probably end up completely ignoring Infinite. I do believe Activision need to pay attention to what gamers want though and release it as a standalone, let the people who want Infinite play that, and the people that want the glorious remaster play that game, they’ll make money hand over first anyway!

The good thing about this remaster is that it’s the game with better textures and all the lovely stuff that goes along there. You will also get all the multiplayer maps you know and love with Crash, Backlot and Crossfire already confirmed to be there, hopefully it’s a timed exclusive and the game will get a standalone release after Christmas or something though…

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