In a rather surprising admission EA have officially announced they’ve told DICE to get their house in order where Battlefield 4 is concerned before moving on to newer projects such as Mirrors Edge 2 and the new Star Wars: Battlefront.

With the apparent shroud of secrecy that envelops contemporary game development, it is nice to see a  publisher and developer come clean about widespread issues about their game(s). Battlefield 4 has been a mess since launch, and no doubt  a lot of you can attest to that, and it’s particularly infuriating when bugs that were in Battlefield 3 were still in Battlefield 4 too (sound glitches).  To see both EA and DICE try and get to grips with the issue on a public level should mean we get problems with the game sorted sooner rather than later.

What isn’t clear from EA’s statement is whether or not the delay covers the remaining pieces of DLC from Battlefield 4’s season-pass. China Rising launched this week for Premium members which brought a boat load of new glitches too – glitches that were known but the DLC was ‘too close to release’ for it to be halted.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t accept this delay of future projects by EA as a token of goodwill. We should expect our games to work a lot better than Battlefield 4 worked up until now and we shouldn’t be made to feel grateful that they’re trying to clean up their own mess once they’ve taken a small fortune from you in game price and game-passes.

If there is any consolation for Battlefield 4 players, it might be that EA took a share price hit on the news of possible delays to future DICE projects. Maybe that will teach them for future game releases.


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