Games set during historical periods have been hugely successful, with the Assassin’s Creed franchise a prime example. The games from Ubisoft have taken players to countless different eras, and it’s clear that there’s a huge audience for this type of content.

The Aztec era hasn’t been covered as extensively in games as other historical periods such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. However, that could be set to change soon with the release of Ecumene Aztec in 2025.

Ecumene Aztec Set for 2025 Release

Ecumene Aztec is an upcoming survival game from Giantscraft, which will be set during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire between 1519 and 1521. This was a huge development in the Spanish colonization of the Americas, and spelled the end of the Aztec empire when the conquistadors were eventually victorious.

In the new game based on this monumental event, players have the chance to play as either the defending Aztecs or the invaders. The developer has promised that the game will involve various elements, including an engaging narrative with RPG progression. Along with that, the combat will be gritty and realistic, with different styles of attack including stealth. It all sounds promising, and the game has the potential to be a hugely exciting entry into the history category on consoles.

Aztec Era Rarely Represented in Games

The Aztec empire is a fascinating period of history, and it’s amazing to think that it existed quite recently compared to other civilizations such as Ancient Egypt. Despite having its own unique mythology and customs, it has failed to attract the attention of the mainstream as much as other eras. For instance, there haven’t been many movies set in the Aztec period, while there have been countless options either set in Ancient Greece and Egypt.

The same can be said about the gaming industry. There have been a few games such as Grim Fandango and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but it’s clear that there’s a gap in the market for titles in this genre. It appears that the online casino industry is already trying to address the need for more Aztec games, with fresh UK online casino site options such as Aztec Trailz. The title is brand new and offered as an exclusive, highlighting how the developer expects it to be a major attraction for players. With an abundance of games set in other periods of history, a title focusing on a different empire could be a huge hit.

Other Franchises Could Explore This Period of History

If Ecumene Aztec is a success, it could lead the Aztec empire to enjoy a surge in interest in the gaming industry. There are various franchises that could look to include it in future games and boost its appeal further.

God of War, for instance, could easily tackle Aztec mythology in the future. It has already dealt with Greek and Norse deities, and now the series is expected to move elsewhere. Assassin’s Creed could also explore the Aztec era at some point too.

There’s no doubt that Ecumene Aztec will gain a lot of interest from players in search of historical titles. It could influence other game developers to make content based on the era in the future as well.

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