CRYORIG Frostbit M.2 C7 RGB Feature

Taipei, Taiwan – Ahead of Computex 2018 CRYORIG announces new M.2 cooler Frostbit and RGB enhanced C7 RGB CPU Cooler. CRYORIG’s Frostbit is not only the industry first aftermarket M.2 NVMe SSD cooler with dual heatpipes, it allows full adjustment of the Secondary Heatpipe and large volume Heatsink. The C7 RGB is based on CRYORIG’s award winning ITX cooler C7, with a 12v RGB lighting enhanced 92 mm fan. Both products will be shown at CRYORIG’s Computex booth at Nangang Exhibition Hall I0527.

CRYORIG M.2 SSD Frostbit M.2 Cooler

The Frostbit is the first aftermarket M.2 cooler using the heatpipe technology. It’s Dual Stacked Heatpipes work cooperatively to form a massive heat dissipation surface. The First 1 mm Ultra-Thin Heatpipe spreads heat from components into the Primary Heat Spreader. The Secondary Heatpipe is then attached to draw heat further into a large volume Heatsink. The Frostbit’s Heatsink can also be adjusted to fit different PC setups. The Secondary Heatpipe’s angle can be manually tilted to either side to avoid interference with the GPU or a large CPU coolers.


Based on one of the best ITX coolers on the market, the C7 RGB adds 12v RGB lighting to an already stellar performer. With the C7 RGB being a top-flow cooler, once lit up the C7 RGB becomes the lighting center piece of any ITX build. The C7 RGB lighting system is built on standard 12v RGB LEDs integrated in its 92 mm PWM fan. Simply plug in the Fan RGB header into either a 12v RGB port on the mainboard or any 12v RGB lighting controller. It is compatible with all major 12v RGB controllers and boards.

Both the Frostbit and C7 RGB as well as further upcoming products from CRYORIG will be shown at Computex 2018 in Nangang Exhibition Hall I0527 beginning on June 5th to 9th.

Frostbit Specification
Dimensions L72 x W26,3 x H57 mm
Weight 56 g
Heatpipes 1 x 6 mm Heatpipes, 1 x 1 mm Ultra-Thin Heatpipe
Fin T = 0,4 mm; Gap = 2,4 mm
Fin Pcs 19 x 2 = 38 pcs
TDP: 12 W


C7 RGB Specification
Dimensions with Fan L97 x W97 x H47 mm
Weight (with Fan) 357 g
Heatpipes 4 units 6 mm Copper Heatpipes
Fin T = 0,4 mm; Gap = 1,2 mm
Fin Pcs 57 pcs
TDP: 100 W
Fan Specification
Dimensions L92 x W92 x H15 mm
Weight 62 g
Rated Speed 600 ~ 2500 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level 30 dBA
Air Flow 40,5 CFM
Air Pressure 2,8 mmH2O
Ampere 0,2 A
RGB Lighting 12 V


Info & Product Images
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CRYORIG Frostbit Product Page
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