Recently, Blizzard made this announcement about releasing a new Overwatch game, branding it as “redefining a sequel” and right away it sparked an argument about what the game actually is, is it a brand new Overwatch game sequel? or is it just an update to the old version of the game?

So, we decided to put an end to this argument for once and for all by defining what Overwatch 2 actually is.

What is Overwatch 2?

The way Blizzard presented the game created a lot of confusion and basically that’s what they wanted in a nutshell, they are trying to present the game as a sequel to the old Overwatch but that’s not the case as Blizzard mentioned that the players will be able to keep their progress from Overwatch, as well as all their items, character customizations and weapons and even the player base would be the same, meaning you will be playing with the same players on exact same servers joining them in the exact same lobbies as well, which is not something you’d expect from a new game right?

So, to put all this in very simple words, I would say that Overwatch 2 is basically a very big patch with a huge upgrades to the old version but presenting it as a new game or sequel to the old one is a marketing strategy and here’s the fun thing, if they actually made a patch for the old one they won’t be able to sell it like they can and are with Overwatch 2, smart right?

Is Overwatch 2 worth buying?

Despite Overwatch 2 being a huge update to the old version and presented as a sequel, it actually comes with a lot of content, I mean “a lot” of content. The key feature that Blizzard has introduced in Overwatch 2 is the PvE gameplay for the new players along with the old PvP game mode as well. But that’s not all, Blizzard has actually done a fine job with the visual quality of the game, with a number of stunning maps, new heroes, a new core game mode along with a graphical overhaul to the look of the game and also the UI. Since it was announced that Overwatch 2 is coming out, the price for the first edition of the game is all time low, if you’re looking to get your hands on it, check out Gamecamp where you can find all of the game retailers and see which one offers the best price, we also recommend coming back to it whenever Overwatch 2 will be available for pre-order.

So, sure if you just ignore the fact that Overwatch 2 is not a new game but a patch that you actually have to pay for in order to play and also you get to keep everything you have from your old Overwatch account as well but before you get all excited, you should know that Blizzard have not yet announced the release date for Overwatch 2 so, we’d have to wait for that.

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