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Audio and Graphics

The graphics remain as simplistic and chunky as the previous instalment. BUD remains identical, with his backpack now displaying different plants he’s collected for use. Other characters have a similar chunky, red style to them. The Biomes are the generic, green, ice, desert, etc.Grow Up 3

Unfortunately the UI has gone through some growing pains. Gone is the simple clean screen with occasional pop-up, now, characters bug you every few minutes taking over the corner of your screen. The map moves smoothly from map view back to character seamlessly, but there’s prompts to set way-points even after setting them. It’s typical of Ubisoft’s need to clutter HUDs, I think they have a fear of blank spaces.

Like the graphics the music and sound effects are effective, but simple. You know what is happening off screen by the various noises.  Crystal hunting relies heavily on sound to locate as they are frequently hidden out of default camera locations. Grow Up 2

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