When opting for a slots game to play there are a number of factors which you need to take into consideration. For example, how many winning lines are in play? What features are there? and what offers are available?

Sites like yourmobilecasinos.com can help make the decision process a lot easier with simply thousands of slot games available, but as we move further into 2017, one thing that is standing out as an even bigger requirement to capture an audience is impressive graphics, to ensure we remain engaged as players.

In the mid 1990’s the first ever online slot game was made available and as expected, it was the most basic form of slot you could possibly imagine with primitive graphics, dull sound and just one winning line and a simple ‘spin’ and ‘stake’ button the only action plays available.

In the twenty years, since, and technological advancement coupled with the additional funds now available to develop slot games, it is no surprise that creating a game that is visually pleasing has become key criteria for developers.

Slot Games such as Barbary Coast utilises 3D graphics in a visual delight giving the player a feel they are really in a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ setting. With the additional sub games, such as the ‘grog challenge’ adding more behind the scenes graphic shots, the player is treated to feast of visual delight.

Barbary Coast, along with games such as ‘Gonzo’s Quest’, ‘Magical Forest’ and ‘A Night in Paradise’ are known as 3D i-slots and although may not be new to market, still represent an exciting time in the development of slot games.

A software giant at the top of their game is Playtech, who are behind the hugely successful Marvel Slots game and often use bold colours, sharp lines and play full graphics to enhance the players experience and create a lasting atmospheric experience.

It is not just 3D slot games that have the best graphics, 2D is still well and truly alive with games like ‘When Pigs Fly’, utilising an easy to use and easy to understand interface matched with attractive colours and funky font choices, gives this slot game a sense of fun and comfort when playing, meaning the player is less likely to leave and thus improve retention rate.

The slot game Stunning Hot is also a prime example of a more traditional online slot game but harbours the feel of playing at a live casino as opposed to online.

The graphics are silky, professional, but still give the player a desire to stick around keep investing (the addition of 1000 x bet payout also plays a factor)

Stunning Hot

(Stunning Hot)

The future of slots is undoubtedly Virtual Reality with many casino’s viewing the benefit of investing in VR and especially the Oculus Rift head set.

Whether a slot player actually tunes in to VR is another matter, however, with the growth of VR to the mass market, it is inevitable that this sector cannot be ignored and graphically pleasing slot games will have a major place in the online gaming community.

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