This week we brought you the news that 343 Industries had issued an apology for the problems with Halo: Master Chief Collection. Well it seems they have followed through with their plans for an update.

343 Industries is currently rolling out its latest content update. The update will focus on the issues with matchmaking, party chat issues, some interface bugs, and brings in an overall stability to the game.

The improvements to matchmaking include;

  • How matchmaking handles player matching
  • Improvements to team selection and team balancing
  • Improvements to how the player interacts with matchmaking
  • Updates to searching for a game that involves 2+ players in a party
  • Update to ensure players can join a match rather than join in a non-playable state
  • Resolved incorrectly displayed matchmaking prompts
  • Improved roster presentation
  • Corrected the “connecting to host” message that appeared on screen
  • Made an update to ensure players know what colour teams they are on during the pre-game lobby


We then have party, lobby, and custom games improvements such as;

  • Update to ensure that custom game settings persist from game to game
  • Player’s player emblems will now load correctly when returning to the lobby
  • General improvements to the graphical quality of the nameplate, emblem, and overall look of the load out screens
  • Update to ensure that players stay in the game after the match ends

Finally, we have improvements to stability issues;

  • Improvements to UI stability
  • Improvements to post-game-carnage-report stability
  • Matchmaking stability is now improved
  • Addressed a crash problem after searching for the Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble playlist

There is one improvement to the achievements which make sure that the “Zealot” achievement unlocks.

The updates are planned to continue as Bonnie Ross has said in her previous statement to the fans. It is excellent that they addressed the issues so quickly, but I’m sure there is much more to tackle in the coming months.


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