8 Playstation 2 Games are Now available on PS4

Sony announced yesterday that eight Playstation 2 games will be released today on the Playstation store for PS4.

There are eight games released today but there are much more to be added in the future. The eight games released today are as follows:

Dark Cloud – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto III – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto Vice City – $14.99
The Mark of Kri – $14.99
Rouge Galaxy – $14.99
Twisted Metal Black – $9.99
War of the Monster $9.99
PaRappa the Rapper 2 and The King of Fighters will be added in the not too distant future!

All of these games have Trophy support and have also been upscaled to 1080p. These games also support Remote Play and Live broadcasting. Sony boss, Shuhei Yoshida has said that Sony will work ‘Tirelessly’ to release more and more Playstation 2 games for the Playstation 4 ‘on a regular basis’

There is a thing to note though, although there were rumours about PS2 backwards compatibility, you will still need to buy these games on the Playstation Store as your old PS2 discs will not work in your PS4!!

I’d love to see some Playstation 1 games being brought to the Playstation 4, as they have brought some games to the Playstation 3. For example Crash bandicoot and Bishi Bashi are on the Playstation store for PS3 and I would love to see these games on the PS4. So are you happy to see these games available to buy on the Playstation Store? Let us know your views!

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  1. So waiting for Bishi Bashi on PS4 and my friendssssss too. It would be nice if there r more stage to play 🙂

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