Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Review - Breaching! 1

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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Personally, Rainbow Six Siege was the one game from E3 that I seen and just thought to myself “I must play this game”, even more than games like AC, Fallout 4 and even Battlefront. It had that same thing that just caught my intrigue like the first Amnesia game did, and when it happens, I’m getting it regardless of my money situation! Tom Clancy as a game franchise is something I have a massive amount of love for, Splinter Cell being among my very favourites, even Conviction and Blacklist are fun as hell to play. This is one is a special game, though, it’s the first Tom Clancy game since his death, and that probably gave Ubisoft added pressure to do well with this title. I can honestly say they have done fantastically to live up to the Tom Clancy name, there were connection issues and bugs in the beta, which were to be expected, beta is beta after all, but when you got into a game there, you knew the game was looking fantastic. With the finished game, however, all those problems have been fixed, if you played the beta, you have also missed out on another section of the game which is great for introducing players to the gameplay.

There is no real story with this game other than the Situations section of the game which gives you 11 situations to deal with. These all come with a little video before each situation describing what you will be doing in each situation, and how you should try and carry it out, it starts easy and slowly gets harder and harder to try and improve you at a steady incline to prepare for multiplayer.

I really find this game tons of fun, whether you’re playing as the multi-cultural SWAT team or as the terrorists/kidnappers. Even when you’re preparing to be attacked as the defenders, it’s rather fun, because you will choose weak points of the room the bomb/hostage is in, you can barricade doors, put up metal walls to protect the dry wall and even use them in weak points of the floors. The vast amount of operators you choose from really surprised me, they somehow added even more in there from beta, and the amount of weapons in the game too is great as it adds a bunch of variety for people who want to unlock everything for every weapon.

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