How will Blizzard Deal with Overwatch Cheats? 4

Blizzard have released what is essentially a tell all info-graphic that runs down stats that came from the Overwatch open beta. This beta saw a spectacular 9.7 million players have a blast at the new game from Blizzard.

Along with this little mountain of detail that was shared, is the information showing what characters were the most popular in their categories for the game. In the offensive team nobody can be surprised that Soldier 76 took the top spot, while on the defensive side the sniper Widowmaker took top on that side. Reinhardt is the most popular Tank character for you to choose from with Mercy the most popular Support.

Overwatch is a game that plays and feels a lot like Team Fortress 2, except with a Blizzard twist on it, the game lets players swap characters when they die which can go a long way to winning. It turns out there was a massive total of 271 million mid-game character switches, Blizzard took the time to work out that it was about 8 each match.

Here is the info-graphic below:


Overwatch will officially launch on May 24th!

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