Darksiders II is Coming to PlayStation 4

Over the weekend there was a listing uploaded to Amazon.com. The listing showed a “Definitive Edition” of Darksiders II due for release for PlayStation 4. Apart from the actual listing there has been nothing from the developers about what the title could bring us.

The publisher has actually come out and stated it doesn’t want to discuss the listing at this stage, but did state that the authenticity is unquestionable. Darksiders is a game that I always wanted to get my teeth into but didn’t eventually purchase. I’m disappointed that the first title isn’t available for download, but the amount of DLC that Darksiders brought with it means I’ll have to purchase it.

From what I do know, the game kind of became a classic with a certain cult of fans. The game is well put together, especially considering its size. Also with the title listing for PlayStation 4, there is an excellent chance it’ll also end up on Xbox One.

What is clear is that the developers didn’t want to just give people more of the same but just bigger, which is what a lot of games in this genre struggle with. The creative director for Darksiders, Joe Madureira, was ecstatic with the news that the new owner, Nordic, is extremely committed to pushing the series.

Either way it’s an exciting time for Darksiders fans. Have you enjoyed the series? What would you like to see in the future of Darksiders?

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