Mass Effect 4 Single-player Will be “Massive” says Bioware’s senior development director

After Chris Wynn announced they was looking for an Online Producer to bring the multiplayer mode to the upcoming Mass Effect 4 many fans may have gotten concerned about the single-player mode for the upcoming Mass Effect. There has been some reassurance for the fans, Chris Wynn tweeted the game will have a massive single-player mode

Chris Wynn, Bioware’s senior development director has spoken out on Twitter about the new upcoming Mass Effect. He spoke about the single player mode in the game after the feature of a multiplayer mode made some fans worried
“If anyone is concerned that online will take away from single-player, I assure you that SP will be MASSIVE in the next Mass Effect.” A fan tweeted Chris “promise me you’re taking good care of the next mass effect please because I’m super nervous” with that Chris replied with “I promise and will even pinky swear.” Wynn’s tweet was picked up by gaming website, GamingBolt. The website also picked up a series of subsequent tweets from Wynn discussing “Mass Effect 4.”

With games now having to compete both on and off line I feel they need to make sure every aspect is sorted, from short singleplay stories to online bugs I don’t think any release has gone smooth, do you feel the team working on Mass Effect 4 single-player and on-line modes will getting it right?

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