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Today Destiny makers, Bungie, revealed the new social space for their latest DLC, House of Wolves, in a twitch livestream. They showed the vendors that will be in this new social space in The Reef, the changes to The Tower and even gave us some information on their new gamemodes: Trials of Osiris and The Prison of Elders. The Reef social space has a significantly darker feel with a dangerous atmosphere, thanks to its dingy looking space with parts lying everywhere and more ominous music.

The Reef
The Reef

The Reef comes with it’s very own vendors, these include:

Petra Venj – We’ve seen her before from the Queen’s Bounties. Well she’s back with new and improved Queen’s bounties and acts as the main quest giver for the storyline in this DLC.

Variks the Loyal – A Fallen Vandal, the last of the House of Judgement, Variks remained loyal to the Queen and acts as the Prison of Elders vendor, where the rewards of which are cores that you trade with Variks for all new Prison of Elders armour and weapons.

Brother Vance – This disciple of Osiris acts as the vendor for the Trials of Osiris. Not that much was shown about the rewards of this, however, it was shown that he will be where you buy into the Trials of Osiris.

Other Vendors – You will be able to use your vault, visit the cryptarch, pick up bounties and visit the postmaster.

Petra Verij
Petra Venj

There has also been some major changes in The Tower; all of the vendors now have new armour and weapons with new perks and the option to reforge them at the gunsmith. Also the Speaker now has an additional feature where you can exchange all materials. Now you can upgrade all of your old exotic and legendary armour and weapons to the new light level and damage by using exotic shards and a new item called Etheric Light, a new reward from Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, Nightfall Strikes and Iron Banner events.

The Speaker
The Speaker

Bungie said that all guardians are welcome in The Reef, meaning that even without purchasing the expansion, you will be able to see The Reef. He also said that the story for the new missions has been created with a fresh approach, and so will be better. The last thing I will leave you with is a little hint that what they showed in the live stream may not be all that there is, as one of the commentators said “There may be secrets”.

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