Having Problems With GTA V Crashing On PC? Read This...

Hello guys and girls, as you may or not be aware, Grand Theft Auto V released last week onto PC thanks to Rockstar games; a huge burden off the mind of the PC gamer.  However, not everyone has had a good time with it and a lot of people have been getting random crashes; sometimes very random and frequent. On consoles, however, gamers were able to use their quality capture cards to smoothly record their gameplay.  GTA V Crashing can be very infuriating, especially for such a highly anticipated game….

Obviously NVIDIA and AMD both released game launch drivers for their cards to run GTA V optimally and Rockstar themselves have patched it but even so, these problems still persist and they are starting to tarnish the game; how can Rockstar make PC gamers wait so long for a game for it then to be full of bugs, errors and crashes?  Well, we might have a solution which I have been testing out for the majority of the day and it seems so far so good!

Step 1. Disable V-SYNC so the game no longer locks at 60fps
Step 2. Turn off Tesselation; this seems to help a lot with the crashes
Step 3. Set the resolution to match your monitor and also set the game to run in “Borderless Window Mode”.

After furious testing, since doing these 3 steps, I have no longer had the crashes; it is worth noting that I am using an NVIDIA Titan X but from other people I have spoken to, this also fixed their crashing errors.  Hopefully this will be a temporary problem and that Rockstar will finally fix such a stupid issue to have; we have seen enough of this kind of cack from Ubisoft!

Is GTA V crashing for you? Did you try the above? Did it work?  Let us know in the comments below!

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