ESO Welcomes Beta Players Back

The Elder Scrolls Online have just released details on a free weekend if you was a part of ESO beta but never bought the game you can play for free during our Welcome Back Weekend!

A lot has changed since The Elder Scrolls Online beta, and they want you to discover all the new adventures waiting for you in Tamriel. From Thursday, April 16th at 15:00 BST through Monday, April 20th at 15:00 BST, All beta players who never purchased the game can play for a free weekend! You will be able to play not just the base game but experience all of the six major game updates, tons of improvements and fixes, and all of Tamriel Unlimited.

Check the elder scrolls online webpage here, for full T&C ‘s
Wondering what’s new? Watch the “This is Tamriel Unlimited” video below to see what we’ve added to ESO since launch:

So, from everything I have read and news like this makes me think ESO hasn’t picked up like they was hoping after the drop of the monthly subscriptions, here is an article I wrote about Elder Scrolls Online Finally Going Free to Play back in January. You guys and girls have a lot to talk about when this 1st article went live on how the pricing stopped you playing and didn’t think you would return, looks like you wasn’t the only ones to think it.

What would make you return and buy ESO? Or do you think it cant get back up after everything it has been though?
I want to know what you think so let me know in the Facebook group, or on our Facebook page.

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