We all know that BioWare are suckers for long and in depth RPG games. Their history speaks volumes with titles such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Jade Empire, and the list goes on and on. BioWare recently gave us a little background into the type of work they do to get a game to the standard they want it to be.

They have disclosed that it took them seven attempts in order to get the opening sequence of Inquisition up to the standard they needed. The creative team behind the game recently hosted a lecture in NYU Game Center, this is the department of Game Design within New York University. Speaking about the game, Mike Laidlaw (creative director) spoke about his favourite scene which is when the player first meets Chancellor Roderick.

“That scene is one that we re-worked probably seven times over the course of the game.” In the earlier versions of the scene, Cassandra was more hostile towards the playable character. In some other versions Chancellor Roderick didn’t exist in the scene.

This shows the passion that BioWare has always shown for their RPG’s. I havent played a Dragon Age game and I don’t know if I’ll be late to the series, but it is on my wish list so we’ll see what Santa brings me.


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