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Cryorig is relatively new company, being officially founded in 2013 and have members of their team that have worked directly and indirectly with other top names in cooling, such as Thermalright, Prolimatech, Phanteks and more. Cryorig felt the industry could benefit from their products and such they “go all out” on their journey to design products that offer the best in performance and quality while still looking cool. Their aim is to give customers the best of all worlds when purchasing Cryorig products, which if nothing else, is a tall order to fill.

Today I will be taking a look at the Cryorig R1 Universal which is one of their top model CPU coolers. The R1 universal is designed to be compatible with most Intel and AMD sockets and as it is “Universal” is said to offer support for small boards and/or tall RAM. The R1 Universal features 7 x heatpipes spread out for maximum heat dissipation and comes included with 2 x 140mm fans, one each XT140 and XF140. There is no denying the R1 Universal looks very compelling, but how will it perform?

Before we get to the fun, let’s take a quick look at an unboxing video I did for the Cryorig R1 Universal:


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