Killer Instinct Season One Free on Xbox One if You Have Xbox Live Gold 2

If you have ever been on the fence about this game then now you have a chance to get the first season of Killer instinct if you have a Xbox live gold subscription, and it is the ultra-version of the game which means you also get the extras including a port of the arcade version of Killer Instinct 1 and it is available as part of the games with gold until the 15th of January.

killer instinct 2

Possibly the biggest part of this news though is it was confirmed that it will be part of the cross buy promotion which means if you get this you will get the season 1 of Killer Instinct for the PC when it is released.

My own thoughts: Killer instinct is one of my favorite fighting games so i am happy for it to come to PC while they have no set release date yet i would imagine would be around March as that is when season 3 is due to hit the Xbox one.

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