Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2 Trailer And New Netcode Beta Announced

Here is the new trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2.

Characters shown are Leatherface from the Texas chainsaw massacre films, Bo’ Rai Cho who was a non-playable character in the story mode and has been playable in some of the earlier Mortal Kombat games, Triborg who is a amalgamation of 3 cyborg characters from earlier games, and finally the Xenomorph from the Alien films.

Also shown in the trailer was the classic pit stage redone for Mortal Kombat X but it is not known if it will be included with the Kombat pack 2 or released separately.

Netherrealm director Ed Boon also dropped hints on twitter about the net code GGPO and was confirmed today that starting on January 19th they will be doing a beta for a new enhanced net code check this video for more information.

My own thoughts: It is good the game is getting well supported, the new net code is something it really needed my only concern was for both videos was at the end it only showed logos for the Xbox one and PlayStation 4, nothing about the PC version


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