Arctic Accelero Hybrid III - 140 Review 12

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Brand: Arctic
Model: Accelero Hybrid III – 140
Price (UK): £83.99 @ (at time of review)
Price (US): $99.99 @ (at time of review)

Arctic are fairly well known for their thermal paste and cooling solutions, in fact, I’ve been using one of their GPU coolers – the Accelero TwinTurbo II – on my Radeon HD 6870 for the past few years, keeping it cool and importantly keeping it quiet even when overclocked. So when I had the chance to sample their new Accelero Hybrid III – 140 I jumped at it expecting great things.

I put the cooler to the test on the MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G that you can find more information about here. This is already an impressive card both in sheer numbers and in cooling performance so would I get the same astounding difference that I first experienced all those years ago when I replaced the reference cooler on my own AMD card? There’s only one way to find out, so join me on the journey as go through the motions of assembly and testing this All-In-One liquid cooler from Arctic.

First though, here are the cooler’s specifications in case you want to go down this route yourself and make sure it’ll fit in your case as well as fit your GPU.


Arctic Accelero Hybrid III - 140 Specs

Please be aware that although the Accelero Hybrid III is compatible with many GPUs, they’re packaged specifically for the card you intend to cool. The above specs are for the 980 Ti and you should check their compatibility info before you purchase.


Arctic Accelero Hybrid III - 140 Compatibility

Before we delve into the installation process, let’s take a look at the Accelero Hybrid III and the box it comes in…

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