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Ubisoft have released a new Rainbow Six trailer with new game modes. There is little we know about the new game modes and maps which have been shown but I am happy to say that these game modes are part of a new single player game mode called “Situations” which you get to play 11 missions to take on various situations and also to help you get to know different operators which you will be playing on multiplayer. The first game mode in the trailer is Hostage rescue which clearly states what it means, but I think that the way this game mode will be, it will be fascinating as you will have to work patiently and be careful with what you do, if attacking you couldn’t run in all guns blazing as you could kill the hostage. The second game mode is called breach and clear which I’m guessing is just breach the location ad take out all of the enemy team or defend your location and shoot the enemy team breaching your location. The last game mode shown in the trailer is bomb defusual, we have seen this before in the beta in multiplayer but I’m not sure if it will be similar or completely different. These situations would work well on single player situation missions as you can get put into different environments and it will strain the way you think and how you go about doing your objectives. But I hope the hostage situation game mode and the breach and clear is put into multiplayer, After all, these would be fun to play with others online.


Now on the trailer there is three different maps shown which are new to what we have seen before. The first one is based in Courchevel, France. It looks very interesting as its snowy, looks like a kind of log cabin that you’d be breaching/attacking and would be a lovely difference to the normal environment we’ve been in before in the beta. The second map is based in Hamburg, Germany, there isn’t much shown on this map as it looks like its in an industrial estate or around factories so I’m not 100% sure on what this would be like but either way, it looks very interesting and would be cool to try out. The last map shown in the trailer is based in Los Angeles, California and it looks like a bank on a main road in central LA which would give off a different feel than maps we’ve seen on the beta as it would feel like you are on a main street and need to be aware of all civilians around, if there is any.

I think this new trailer shows us a lot more and is keeping me waiting impatiently for the release of the game on December 1st. I think the situations game mode would be really good fun to play and to gain up your skills for multiplayer if you aren’t used to skilful game play like you’d need for Rainbow 6 Siege. The maps look beautiful and I hope December comes really quick because i am finding it hard to wait for the release of Siege.

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