Online gambling is no new concept, and neither are online casinos. For years we’ve been able to log on and spin a roulette wheel or play a hand or two of blackjack online. But, what is a relatively new and very important idea is the fact that these online casinos are paving the way for a modern gaming industry in a number of respects, chiefly in the realms of augmented reality development and understanding of the uses of cryptocurrency.

Adopting AR

When people talk about AR, they often do so in a tone that assumes its daily implementation is a thing of the distant future, or that it is the lesser sibling of VR. What they are missing in such assumptions is the fact that it is already commonly successfully used in online casinos to create better gaming experiences. For example, if you want to play live roulette online, be it French Roulette or more exotic variants like Double Ball, it will now be a mixed reality experience, using software that blends real dealers and real wheels, with machine-readable data.

While this may feel like a relatively small stride, the implications could be huge if the rest of the gaming industry follows suit by focussing on AR and mixed reality experiences, rather than overstressing the importance of improving VR. These AR technologies are pretty flawless and can provide unique and new experiences without needing particularly extreme levels of software development.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies


Nobody gets me Bitcoins!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by zcopley

Another important stride some online casino sites are taking is the adoption of cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity relatively few industries are bothering to keep up. Cryptocurrencies are desirable for a number of reasons and the gaming industry should put more effort into utilising their potential.

Firstly, cryptocurrencies are universal and so gamers don’t need to worry about losing out on conversion rates or currency transactions. Equally importantly, though, many people are turning to cryptocurrencies on more of a savings account basis, so rather than losing out too much on buying and selling fees, gamers could use their crypto wallet directly to pay for new games or when making in-game purchases.

Furthermore, blockchain transactions are totally transparent, meaning a higher level of safety is guaranteed to users, which is such an obviously appealing selling-point. The reason they are transparent is that every purchase or sale of a cryptocurrency is recorded on the public ledger, meaning it is virtually impossible to steal.

Sony has apparently shown some desire to utilize the potential of cryptocurrencies, which must be applauded. However, it is clear that online casinos are leading the charge by some distance.

Final Thoughts

So, while it may not be putting out the exciting hardware, if you look closely enough, it’s clear that the online casino industry is a good place for the gaming industry to look for footprints to follow towards a new vision.

While so much hype continues to surround VR, we should be looking at ways to adopt similar AR systems that online casinos are already using. Furthermore, the journey into cryptocurrencies is not only exciting, but a timely recognition of what consumers feel is a safe and convenient alternative to traditional credit card payments.

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