The company behind The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn, has announced that the upcoming game has already gone gold. As a result they have also told us the pre-order bonuses us lucky people will receive.

The developer revealed on Twitter that the company has finally finished development on the game. It is now at the stage of manufacturing the disks ready for release on February 20th. As a result they have also announced the pre-ordering bonuses.

Pre-ordering the game unlocks The Knight’s Arsenal DLC, this enables players to equip Galahad with some alternate uniforms and different weapons after you have completed the game. There is also a Red Lightning Pack which offers the Red Knight Uniform and an Arc Rifle Prototype. To finish it off why not try the Arsonist Pack gives the Black Knight Uniform and an Arsonist Rifle.

I’m sure there will be more pre-order bonuses along the way. We usually get bonuses that are specific to each region and I believe that Game may get in on the act closer to the time. Stick with for all the latest information.

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