Bandai Namco has released new key features and according to them, Project CARS will pack the largest track roster of any recent racing game, a fully dynamic weather and TOD system, support for over 40 different wheels and peripherals, and support for both 12K resolutions and Oculus Rift.

Project CARS fully supports the very latest new technology and hardware making it the most advanced racing game on the planet. Whether that’s immersive 3D virtual reality using Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, the beauty and clarity of 4K and even 12K visuals, utilizing the raw power of the latest graphics cards, or putting the control in your hands via the latest steering wheels and peripherals, Project CARS provides breath taking new ways to experience racing that go beyond reality…

I wonder if any current gen GPUs can play this at 60fps maybe quad Titan Blacks or quad 8GB 290X’s?

Source – DSO Gaming

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