Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Content Tease!

PopCap have released a new video on Youtube revealing some more info on Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

In the video, Jeremy Vanhoozer, Sr Creative Director of PopCap, is heard talking about a new mode in the new Garden Warfare. This new menu/game mode is called Backyard Battleground and is a playable living PvZ world which has secrets, surprises and stories to discover. This Backyard is your own space but don’t think that you are safe! There are battles going on all the time between plants and zombies which you are free to join into or ┬áventure around and explore the grounds around you to find secrets or hunt for treasure.

When hunting for secrets or treasure, you may come across something unexpected. There is a new ‘crazy Targets’ range which tests your aim in a little range. Your highscore are time can go on leaderboards up against your friends or even the world! There is also a place in the middle of Zomburbia which you can raise the flag to start an instant mini game of you (or 3 friends) vs plants in a wave by wave game, this can raise up your XP and coins. In each base you will find all your multiplayer or Co-op, split Screen and customisation needs. In the middle of your base, on both sides, you will find a stat room, this shows all of your stats and achievements which you have got. There is also your Stickerbook which gives you an overview of all of your characters you unlock. Each of the classes have little bobbleheads which represent the characters you unlock, you can also manage your character promotions in this section as well. Outside in both bases there is a quest board which gives you challenges which if you complete will give you coins and stars which will lead to sticker packs, upgrades and unlocks for your characters. Around your bases you will find portals which will lead you to plant or zombie ‘heroes’.

Plants vs Zombies is out February 23rd 2016. Are you looking forward to this? let us know!

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