Release Date Announced For Ultra Street Fighter IV 3

Last year Ultra Street Fighter IV was released as the next part in the Street Fighter IV series, but it was only released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. As you would expect, fans have since been wondering when it will be released for next gen consoles and we finally have an answer (atleast for the PS4 anyway) May 26.

On the official Sony US website, a blog was posted stating that Ultra Street Fighter IV would have a simultaneous release worldwide. Handling the port of the Capcom fighter game is Other Ocean Interactive. However, a version for Xbox One was not mentioned, this isn’t really a surprise as it was a Sony blog post but it is possible that this port, like Street Fighter V could be a Playstation exclusive.

This new and improved edition has been announced as including all characters and DLC that has been released up to the date of release. If you’re a hardcore gamer though, the most important factor will be that it has “eliminated” the lag from the previous PS3 version.

The game, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be on the playstation network for $24.99 (Around £17.99) but as of right now there are no physical editions of the game planned.


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