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The Spatials is made by Weird and Wry, it is an RPG/Simulation/Management game which has a huge amount of features. In The Spatials you take command of a group of colonists as you create a space station with the purpose of attracting tourists, to build this space station you must help out your neighbouring colonies to get materials.


The gameplay of The Spatials is split into two parts, the space station and the missions, both have the same point-click controls, this makes the transition between parts easy and the controls themselves are accurate and simple to grasp. The only real issue I had with the game was learning how to play it, it’s a game with a huge amount of features and some of them are quite complicated and the small, simple tips system that the game uses to teach how to play it doesn’t quite provide enough detail to give a good idea of how to play and made that first hour of playing the game very difficult


The music and sounds in The Spatials are great, they are simple but fit nicely into the game. The graphics are also simple, with a cartoon-like style and clear colours it gives the game a relaxing and fun feel. Another feature I enjoyed was how the colonies that you visit all looking different, with some being rural, but having completely different plants and animals, and some being more urban but having their own distinguishing factors, such as one being a hospital.

Final Verdict:

The Spatials was a game I loved playing, it’s simple style but complicated gameplay and variety of features made it very interesting and challenging. However I feel that it was very let down by it’s tutorial which could have easily been fixed by being a little more in-depth or by adding a mission based tutorial system.

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