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LONDON & NEW YORK, 3 JUNE 2015: Can you spell your way through the adventure of a lifetime? King Digital Entertainment plc (NYSE: KING), a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world and creator of Candy Crush franchise and Farm Heroes Saga, today announced the launch of its first word-based ‘Saga’ game, AlphaBetty Saga. Now available to download for free from the AppStore and Google Play, this new game challenges players to take an exciting journey into the world of words, accompanied by an adventurous band of mice.

AlphaBetty Saga sets players off on a bold new quest as Betty, a young mouse living in the 1930s, follows her grandfather, Professor Alpha, and his loyal assistant, Barney, to discover lost words to complete the “Encyclopedia of Everything”. As the world’s authority on collecting words, Professor Alpha will call on players to help him complete the legendary book.


This vibrant word-based game uses non-linear gameplay to enhance creative word play and strategic opportunities for gamers, as they are tasked with connecting adjacent letters to create words, score points and ultimately advance through a world very much like our own except for one small detail – it’s inhabited by mice and much of it is made of cheese!

“At King, we’re continually thinking of new ways to entertain our players and diversify our portfolio of games,” said Mihai Sfrijan, Studio Head at King. “AlphaBetty Saga does just that and is our first word-based ‘Saga’ game, offering players a brand new strategic thinking experience with a rich story adventure at its core.”

AlphaBetty Saga will launch with:

  • 5 Different Game Modes:
    • Scoring: Simply create words and achieve the target score
    • Cheese Falls: Bring cheese chunks down to the bottom of the game board to collect them
    • Bubble Pop: Include a letter inside a bubble in a word to make it pop
    • Word Frenzy: Create and collect the target number of words containing the target number of letters
    • Cheddar Spreader: Spread the cheese under multiple tiles on the board
  • 140 Levels divided into three Chapters: London, Egypt, New York
  • Collectable Artefacts that hold unique abilities and can help players beat difficult levels along the way.

AlphaBetty Saga is available to play for free now on iOS, Google Android and Facebook.

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