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Game engines feature the basic components that game developers use to build the backbone, or rather the framework of the games you play. It acts as kind of a medium to add AI, collision detection, extra scripting, and more features without the need for added coding or programming.

It’s much easier to design and launch a game with the help of top-class gaming engines, without which the whole process would take way too much time.

Your gaming experience goes way beyond just sitting on a VR gaming chair, you can actually design your own game with some of the cool engines listed below


If you’re looking to dive into the gaming development bandwagon, then the AppGameKit is the best place to start. Specifically designed for easy, quick coding as well as building a system that allows you to share your work across a variety of platforms, it is mainly concentrated on mobile game development.


If you’re working on a restricted budget, then you’re in luck. CryEngine is one of the few platforms that is completely free. The entire source code and all the relevant features have no hidden fees. This platform allows you to design great life-like characters, and can be used to develop for PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well a variety of PC games.

The one feature that sets CryEngine apart from many other platforms is the fact most of it can be self-taught. It has tutorials and a variety of self-learning resources that will help you learn the ropes with little or no help at all.

RPG Maker

The RPG maker features one of the simplest user-interfaces. You can literally build an entire game from start to finish with this, making it just as useful for experts as it is for someone just starting out.

Although experience in programming is not a necessity with RPG, it is a bit limiting as you won’t be able to do a lot of customization. It is still high value regardless. So not to worry.


Urho3D is another great resource for beginners and experts alike as it comes equipped with several ‘How to’ guides that walk you through the development process. This cross-platform engine (2D/3D) gives you walkthroughs that allow you custom fit your first project, and to do it no cost!

Unreal Engine

Next on the list is the Unreal Engine which is also considered one of the top-rated engines this year. The reason for this is its ability to transform games into unique experiences by virtue of being highly customizable. It features such games as the Batman Arkham series, as well as other great games like Gears of War. Its only drawback is the fact that it is perhaps not very suitable for new developers as it requires some experience in programming

GameMaker Engine

If you’re looking for a simple engine that doesn’t need coding experience, then this is it. The Gamemaker engine is easy to use, and for those with coding experience, it provides a platform to improve on loopholes. There is a limited free version, but if you want the maximum experience, then the professional option is what you need to go for.

Unity Engine

Another great resource if you’re a newbie is the Unity Engine. The content is easy to create. It’s also easy to use, multi-platform savvy, and it has a free version that contains most of the features you will need to start out. If however, you want some advanced options, then you will have to put in a monthly subscription.

The Godot Engine

Another free to use gaming-engine that has a simple UI and is a good place to start for both 2D/3D game development is the Godot engine. This engine is predominantly open source, and it works great for beginners and experts alike.

Amazon Lumberyard

If you’re in the market for full customization capabilities, for a powerful development tool, and integration options, then this is it. All that, and it’s free!! It is also a great resource if you’re looking to build multi-player games with ease.


Here you have a Java related engine that supports multiple platforms across its application programming interface. You can run it effortlessly on your desktop as it can be integrated into iOS, Mac OS, Windows as well as several other PC OS’s.


Game engines provide a platform for developers to create and improve games effectively and easily, and without taking up too much of their time.

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